Aluminium is a lightweight and flexible metal with several benefits. It is well known for its unique lightweight and flexible properties. It can be fabricated into various shapes, melted, formed, machining, or extruded, which means it can be moulded into several specifications and then fabricated to suit various applications such as outdoor decorative screens. Aluminium is becoming more and more popular because of its extreme versatility and numerous other benefits. Through the use of aluminium extrusion technology, it is possible to create an endless number of shapes for this material through its ability to extrude. In addition to this, this extrusion can also be provided in various finishes, including anodized, milled or painted and can further be machined or fabricated to meet the customer’s specific needs.

Light Weight

Aluminium Metal is well known for its lightweight. It is approximately one-third the weight of steel, which makes it very easy and affordable to transport, compared to most other metals. By varying the alloying elements to the composition of Aluminium, it is possible to improve its properties, such as its strength or formability, and provide better benefits for the end-user. The lightweight nature of Aluminium sheets, corrosion resistance, ease of fabrication, and ease of application make them an ideal material for vehicle paneling, artwork, outdoor decorative screens, building cladding, kitchen fitting, and other similar projects.

Resistance to Corrosion

The corrosion-resistant metal Aluminium has a naturally occurring coating, protecting its surface from corrosion. If Aluminium is exposed to an oxidizing environment, the coating formed becomes extremely thin and can be seen when the metal is in contact with it. This protective layer of Aluminium oxide acts as a corrosion preventer by providing a protective shield around the metal. Aside from this, a metal can further improve its corrosion resistance by getting a coating or anodizing applied after getting the surface treatment.

Thermal and Electrical conductivity

As a conductor of electricity and heat, it is considered one of the best materials. Indeed, Aluminium is not as conductive as copper. However, it is roughly one-third the weight of copper, so it can be assumed that an Aluminium wire with half the weight of a copper wire will have the same amount of electrical resistance as a copper wire. Several advantages have led to the material being selected for transmission lines.

Ductility and Reflectivity

Aluminium is also useful for reflecting light from other surfaces. As a result of its ability to reflect both heat and light, it is used for rescue blankets and light fittings.

Impermeable and odourless

The Aluminium foil can still be impermeable with a thickness of 0.007 mm, and there is no smell or taste due to the thickness. In addition, the packaging of sensitive products like pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs is often done using this material since it is non-toxic.

Aspects of recycling

While some people believe that Aluminium is not recyclable, the truth is that it is a 100% recyclable metal, and it keeps all of its original characteristics when recycled. The cheapest way to manufacture products such as Decoview outdoor decorative screens is to use recycled metal instead of prime metal extracted from the ground.

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