Outdoor decorative screens add privacy, shade, interest, and beauty to buildings’ interiors and exteriors, and as a home improvement method, they are becoming more and more popular. Decoview outdoor decorative screens add visual drama and decorative style to any project, whether for landscape design, DIY home improvement, interior design, architectural, or commercial construction. Besides providing a practical way to partition open spaces or create a simple sunshade, they can also be used to provide privacy.

Innovative ways to use outdoor decorative screens around the house 


Indoors and outdoors, decorative screens can be hung horizontally or vertically and serve as decorative accents. A divider that breaks up space and offers privacy can also be created by stacking several outdoor decorative screens vertically and hanging them from the ceiling or roof. Ideally, it is recommended to turn them vertically between your railing and the top of your porches and gazebos. 


Decoview outdoor decorative screens can be connected and stacked horizontally in any configuration to create a custom privacy screen wherever you want. For example, a screen over 6′ tall can be made by stacking three decorative screens. The screens are a good choice for placing around hot tubs and porches and patios where you’d like some privacy. A deck corner or a room can also be framed as a private space. Outdoor decorative screens can also be used as room dividers, especially if you need privacy in an office or home setting or need to segregate an area to keep pets or kids out.

Under Deck

Under deck privacy with lattice is a smart option, but outdoor decorative screens offer even more durability in style. These decorative screens are twice as thick as lattice and, when compared to plastic or wood lattice, provide a better-looking appearance. In addition, you can use several colours and patterns around your deck. 

Some other Innovative ways to use outdoor decorative screens around the house 

Garden Art

A decorative screen can also enhance particular garden themes by being purely ornamental. When used as artwork on fencing or walls, the new outdoor decorative screens make a striking visual statement. Bali-inspired touches include bamboo reed screens with water features. Adding a trellis screen to an English garden with arches and climbing roses would be a perfect touch. Perhaps something more avant-garde would be your preference. 

Overhead Shelter

Some people prefer not to have their patios wholly covered. It is sometimes advantageous to let some sunlight retain a certain degree of privacy for a while. Shade cloth is at the lower end of the price spectrum, but outdoor decorative screens are more stylish. Try a composite product, such as Decoview decorative screens, if you don’t want to maintain them regularly. These boards’ cores are entirely capped to protect them from moisture and rot. 

Outdoor decorative screens manufactured by Deco view are low-maintenance and resilient to rotting, scratches, warping, corrosion, twisting, discolouration, and sun exposure. When decorative screens are so versatile, it’s easy to incorporate them into your lifestyle, whether it’s inside your home, around your patio or under your deck. If you want to give your home a facelift or have some privacy from your neighbours, you can customize most Decoview outdoor decorative screens. Decoview is based in Australia and offers best-in-class outdoor decorative screens throughout the Gold Coast region.