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by | Apr 23, 2018

Hinged Doors…
Decoview security screen doors have surpassed all Australian national AS 5039-2008 standards. The aim of these tests was to feel secure in the knowledge we were supplying the securest door we could for your home. It is a legal responsibility that any reseller of Decoview products properly trains their installers, whether sub-contractors or employees and that all our doors are fitted with the recommended hardware.

Lock Description: Lockwood 8654 – triple lock with a standard 8654 triple lock kit
Hinge Description: 4 x Stainless steel security door hinge
Hinges within 200mm of top and bottom + centre
Lock within 200mm either side of centreline
Rivets to engage Decoview Core frame and screen 150mm at centres
Nylon resin filled fibreglass corners

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STANDARDS AUSTRALIA Australian Standard Security screen doors and security window grilles 1 SCOPE This Standard specifies requirements for the performance of all types of hinged and sliding security screen doors and hinged, sliding, removable and fixed security window grilles used primarily in residential situations. This Standard is concerned mainly with resistance to forced entry and does not address the important issues relating to egress in the case of emergency. The Standard covers movable and removable security window grilles that can be used in such instances. NOTES: 1 Alternative methods for determining compliance with this Standard are given in Appendix A. 2 The effectiveness of security screen doors or window grilles is dependent on the strength of the screen and grille and the adequacy of its installation in its surrounds. For information on installation, see the Foreword and AS 5040. 3 Double-leaf doors may be constructed and tested in accordance with this Standard, and reported accordingly in consultation with the testing authority. 2 APPLICATION This Standard is intended for use by regulatory authorities and all persons concerned with the manufacture, installation and general requirements of security screen doors or window grilles for use primarily in residential situations. NOTE: Residential situations would generally include, but not be limited to, Classes 1, 2, 3 and 10a as defined in the Building Code of Australia. The parts of a security screen door or window grille shall not be referred to in isolation as being the complete security screen door or window grille; for example, the infill panel. 3 REFERENCED DOCUMENTS The following documents are referred to in this Standard: AS 1199 Sampling procedures for inspection by attributes 1199.0 Part 0: Introduction to the ISO 2859 attribute sampling system 1199.1 Part 1: Sampling schemes indexed by acceptance quality limit (AQL) for lot-by-lot inspection 1231 Aluminium and aluminium alloys—Anodic oxidation coatings 1397 Steel sheet and strip—Hot-dipped zinc-coated or aluminium/zinc-coated 1789 Electroplated zinc (electrogalvanized) coatings on ferrous articles (batch process) 2331 Methods of test for metallic and related coatings 2331.3.1 Method 3.1: Corrosion and related property tests—Neutral salt spray (NSS) test 3555 Building elements—Testing and rating for intruder resistance 3555.1 Part 1: Intruder-resistant panels 3715 Metal finishing—Thermoset powder coating for architectural applications of aluminium and aluminium alloys ( ref. Standards Australia )

Made to Decoview standards
• 8654 triple lock parrot beak
• Australian Recommendations link to
• A minimum of 3 stainless steel hinges will be supplied with the Decoview door kit
• 150mm fastening centres
• Use of Nylon resin filled fibreglass corners secured with stainless screws, as supplied in the Decoview door kit
• 4-3 rivets